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A Professional Industrial Engineering & Operations Design Services Firm

PES, founded in 1991, is an Independent Industrial Engineering, Process Redesign and Improvement Firm providing companies with “Solutions For World Class Performance”.  PES specializes in the Planning, Design and Implementation of Lean Manufacturing, Warehousing and Supply Chain Operations.

Productivity Engineering Services

31217 Mayville

Livonia, MI 48152

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Phone: 734-425-3904

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E-mail: jmiller@pessolutions.com

"Whether your space planning project involves the next generation space station or a state-of-the-art distribution center always remember that Proper Planning Prevents Poor Projects (i.e. the 5 P's).  This point cannot be overemphasized as dedicating adequate time and resources up front will pay for itself many times over with a highly efficient and effective system and will minimize the need for costly changes down the road."


Jeffrey H. Miller, P.E., CPIM, SCOR-P

Principal Consultant, PES

CSCMP Annual Conference


"In today’s economic climate you can’t afford to fund  a project that fails to deliver results.  The good news is PES services tend to be self funding, providing a solid ROI.  For every dollar ($1) spent by our clients on our services, they typically receive anywhere from five ($5) to twenty five ($25) dollars in return through cost reductions, productivity improvements, freeing up working capital, and/or improving customer service levels”




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Text Box: Celebrating 24 Years of Success.

Productivity Engineering Services

“Solutions For World Class Performance”

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